Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clean Eating

Pictures via Pinterest/Undressed Skeleton/Taralynn Mcnitt

Yes, friends...clean eating. This girl right here, ME. The hamburger loving, fast food visitor (okay more like a member), daily coffee chugger has been eating "clean" over here the last couple of days...and I am so proud of myself! Haha! Things have been busy with my never ending school to do lists and I have been finding myself eating things that are just plain BAD for my body because they seem to be so much more quick and easy. Not good. I have been lacking energy and needed a quick switch from my unhealthy everyday diet plan.  So, as I was researching some yummy lunch recipes I fell upon this blog.  Taralynn of Undressed Skeleton has some pretty amazing breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack ideas and well-balanced grocery lists that I have fallen in love with (not to mention her amazing, inspirational story...phew, you go girl). Sure, lunch has taken me a couple more minutes (15 mins or so...uh huh) to prepare, but they have left me feeling so much more balanced and healthy overall. Feeling good so far...hopefully this will last. Buh-bye burgers and fries...there's a new, healthy girl in town. ;)

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