Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Straight hair, don't care

Yikes! Where the hey has the time gone! Sorry I've been MIA lately. School has been quite busy with end of the year testing, professional development classes, and never ending to-do lists. Also, I've been suffering from horrid allergies over the past couple of days and have been feeling (and looking) like a hot mess! Hopefully I can get some new fashion posts up real soon!

Oh yeah..great, great news...I just found out that I will be moving on up to teach SECOND GRADE next year! Whoohoo! FUN stuff, huh? I am up for the challenge and excited for all that is to come! Change is good.


  1. You are beautiful! Love the straight hair! xo

  2. Awsome style!
    I really love your blog girl and would like to follow eachother,what do you say?
    I am already following you so hope you'll visit me and do the same>:D<
    Kisses Theo