Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Pie Catastrophe...

CATASTROPHE. 1: the final event of the dramatic action especially of a tragedy . 2: a momentous tragic event ranging from extreme misfortune

Misfortune? I think so. Read on...Last night the hubs and I hosted dinner at our house for some of our most favorite friends that we had not seen in quite a while. All day I prepared excitedly for their arrival. Part of my preparation was making my very first summer pie. Recipe seen here. Boyyyy, was she a beauty. I can still smell her lovely aroma. (Yes, it was a female pie evidently ;) ((sigh))...keep reading...

Well, our friends finally arrived and the night was going perfectly...great conversation, laughs, and good food. Finally it was time for dessert, whoohoo! I popped my sweet pie into the oven for a quick warm up so it would be just prefect for my guests. A couple minutes went by and yessssss, it was time! I opened the oven and......wait. Stop. Just a lil' tid-bit of info here...not sure if you noticed, but I used a cheap, thin, foil pie pan that one gets at the grocery store for like 10 cents...uh huh...take a peek at the travesty that occurred next...

The pie pan suddenly folded completely in my hands like a soft tissue for goodness sake! All I could say during the pie's nose dive into the bottom of my oven/oven drawer was "What do I do?!!!!!!!!! What do I do!!!!!!!?" My beautiful summer pie was no longer. It was devastating, really. I am happy to say, and quite surprised actually that I didn't freak about the situation! We all just laughed...and laughed and laughed and made comments about how freakin' expensive the almond flour was that went into that sweet thing. I think as we continued telling stories about the pie it ended up being worth close to $700 or something, haha ;)

I am so grateful to have been with such great friends during such a "difficult time". Sometimes all you need is a good laugh with great company to make the moment jussssttt right. xo

And besides, we had s'mores by the fire can't beat that.

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