Wednesday, April 4, 2012

to bang or not to bang...

THAT is the question of the day! HAIR, people, I'm talking about the hair. ;)

Hmm...what are we thinking on this issue (if it even counts as an "issue")? I have been growing out my bangs, but recently, I have felt frustrated and bored with them. I am missing my short, side-swept style. What's in? What's out? Who makes the rules anyway? I have seen tons of fashion ad campaigns favoring the middle part with flowy, long bangs, but then BAM, suddenly, I have seen short bangs coming back into play, making a beautiful, stylish come back! What's a girl to do!?

 Keep on growing?

 Hello, side sweep?

1 comment:

  1. i definitely think you could pull off those bangs, the only promise is, they are the worst to grow out when the time goes.
    you are just gorgeous girl. love your blog!
    xo TJ