Monday, January 16, 2012

Closet Envy

A little squished dont ya think!?

Oh boy, what's a girl to do!?

Today I spent my holiday off organizing my closet. I have a love/hate relationship with the closets in our home. While we have tons of them throughout, they are all pretty teeny-tiny. The Mr. thinks I have this problem due to the actual size of my wardrobe and NOT the dimensions of the closet space itself. While this may be true, I really wish I could gather all of my most favorite items in a spacious, luxurious closet as seen in the pictures above. Hmm... a girl can dream... or get on planning the building of a massive walk-in at our next place. ;)

Another reason for the organization of my closet was to go shopping. Yes, shopping. I found myself looking through Pinterest and other blogs saying to myself "Oh wow I love that, wait a minute, I have that!" time and time again, only to realize that I didn't really know where many of the items were. I was on a mission. Therefore, a cleaning was absolutely necessary. 

Each and every time I re-organize I always find pieces that I have forgotten about and neglected. What a meanie, huh!?  I am excited to take these oldies but goodies out for a reinvention...thinking of starting some fashion posts with these gems. What do we think? Sound good?



    I like your blogg!!

  2. Fashion posts sound awesome!


  3. Great blog - some awesome ideas on here!

    Erin & Andrew Dodson
    (a newlywed couple)

  4. I'd settle for any of those closets. Is the second photo from the bottom of your closet? It looks like you've got some amazing vintage. :)


  5. Hello New Friends!
    Congratualtions Erin and Andrew! =)
    Rachel, yes, that is my closet! Thanks so much for visiting!
    Char xo

  6. Wow, I definitely have closet envy! The first and third ones are my favorites. Looking forward to your fashion posts! xo

  7. I hateeee that, I've caught myself almost re-buying's so hard isn't it ;)