Monday, January 30, 2012


Hello friends! Sorry I've been MIA over the past couple of days. Things have been a bit crazy over here in my Char'Med Life. School with my first graders, preparing for my third and FINAL observation by my Principal (Yay!), puppy, theater practice at the high school, oh, and those meetings, those lovely meetings. Phew. I'm already exhausted and it is only Monday. In need of some serious motivation here. Starbucks and some inspirational quotes from around the web should do the trick. Best wishes for a great week everyone! Keep Smiling. xo

Oh, AND watch this video if you want an AMAZING tutorial on the most beautiful top knot!


  1. Love this, great pick me up for my lame Monday night.

  2. i was wondering where you were. i hate the preparation behind the teaching. it seems to be the hardest part.

  3. hope you have a great week! love these quotes : )