Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To blog or not to blog...

that is the question of the hour...

Conversations were running wild this afternoon at the baby shower. Suuuuure we talked about diapers, gliding rocking chairs, bottles and nipples...ehh, uh huh. Along with all this baby talk came curiosity about "the blog" and blogging.  Many questions were posed, "Why do you blog?" "What do you say?" "Why are you interested in other people's lives and why do you want strangers reading all about yours?" "Is it safe and secure?" "What do you get out of it?".
 I found myself having to come up with an answer and an explanation. On the spot, I really couldn't exactly pinpoint the "WHY". Basically, I just said a whole lot of mumble jumble that sort of came out as a campaign speech or a promotion..."Blogging, everybody is doing it." "It's awesome!" "You should definitely check it out, you would love it!" "Try it, I'll help you!" "I'm networking!"
bla bla bla.
As I sit here now and think about the "WHY", I find that I still do not have any super creative, definitive answer to my co-worker's questions. I just love it! I just do. I love writing and therefore, use this arena to write about the things that I am most interested in- the things that I love doing each and every day. I enjoy reading what others have to share and what they have to celebrate, as well. Many other blogs have inspired me to look at things in my very own life in a different way. They have given me insight and knowledge about teaching and how to use my imagination and creativity in my work with students, how to thrown a killer cocktail party, fashion advice, yummy recipes, baking tips & tricks and so much more.
Above all, writing here on this very blog has helped me to see all of the many things that I have to be thankful for in my very own life. While taking pictures and writing about all the things you do each and everyday, you realize just how lucky and blessed you really are. Things that I have maybe overlooked or taken for granted have been brought into clear view and attention. I have realized that I live a very full life; a life that is filled with so much love and many high quality relationships and experiences that I want to celebrateenjoy, and reflect upon day in and day out. What can be so wrong with that?
Good enough answer? Maybe, maybe not, but for me it works and I'm stickin' to it. ;)


  1. Good enough! Love your blog. :)


  2. I have found that you should do what works for you! If you love it then that is the only explanation you need to give! I like meeting new people and finding new blogs and styles and ways of life! Some people do not have the patience for such and they are missing out! I think your blog is super cute! Keep it up!


  3. This is my "official" like... tell Anna I stalked you tonight ;)

  4. Rhonda and Gladys...thanks so much for the support!