Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Grade 1 LOVES to read!

My school has been studying the author Kate DiCamillo as part of our author study/reading incentive program for the month of March. My grade 1 class was assigned the book Bink & Gollie. Saying that they have greatly enjoyed it is an understatement...they have LOVED each and every minute spent with this charming story. I highly recommend it to any teacher out there ranging from grades K-2. I used it along with my Inferring Unit in Readers Workshop and it worked out perfectly.

We have celebrated this author with many fun events around our school...a kick off pep rally, advisory meetings with different grade levels, a movie night, dress like your favorite character day, a door/bulletin board decorating contest (still waiting for the results...cross your fingers and toes for us) AND get this...we even danced and sang "Gotta Keep Reading" AKA The Black Eyed Peas...I Gotta Feeling ;) Guess who was in charge of teaching the entire school and staff the moves...uh huh, this girl right here! So so fun and also a great opportunity for me to share my love of theater and dance with my teacher friends! Being new to the school this year, I am happy to have the chance to share a bit of myself with them. We will be video taping our school jammin' out at some point this week! Hopefully I'll be able to share it on here with all of you!

Above are a couple of the pictures of our decorated door and bulletin board. The board is divided up by each chapter in the book. Each child researched pictures in magazines, old books, and/or the internet to make one GIANT Bink & Gollie picture research collage! I am still blown away by the amazing images they found and the personal connections they have made along the way. 

I am so pleased with the hard work and effort that the students have put in! Proud of them BIG time!

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