Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday Hike

Field of Dreams

Best Friends Forever

What a big mama!

Checking for ticks.Ugh.
Don't mind the cray-cray hairrrr! Mine..not Brooklyn's. ;)

Kristina and Baby Preston!

So tired!

Yesterday the sister, hubs and I went on a little hike at the park (Field of Dreams, great name, huh). We stopped and got some coffee, packed up the pups and headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather. I am hoping to walk those trails a bunch more in the upcoming days/weeks. I am by no means a "nature girl" but I have to admit it was pretty peaceful... I really enjoyed it. Whoohoo, yayyy for SPRING! I welcome you and that warm, beautiful sunshine!


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  2. Your post makes me realise how much I want a dog, our land lady won't let us have one :(

    Enjoy the gorgeous weather!

  3. oh my gosh... is that a morkie?? I have one too so cute & your pup isn't hard on the eyes either.

  4. Yes, Preston is a morkie! SO cute! Brooklyn is a Labradoodle! So fun!