Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ugly Sweater Vest Challenge

Friday night all of the teachers at my school (aka, Soule Sisters) gathered to celebrate the birth of our friend and co-worker, Nancy (Happy Birthday to YOU). We enjoyed a fun night of laughs, food, games...and prizes. Prizes! Whoohoo! Everyone appreciates a good prize! I was loving every minute! But then again, it's all fun n' games until you (meaning ME) get stuck with the famous... *Ugly Sweater Vest*.

It is a Soule School ritual to pass this darling knit around each and every holiday season. This year... it was my turn. It is quite funny though, I chose the gift by chance and since this is my first year at Soule, everyone found it to be an act of fate and were pretty excited about it. :)

I am prepared to take on the challenge of wearing this little gem to school tomorrow. Can't wait to add a little sparkle here, a little sparkle there, belt around the middle, pencil skirt perhaps, tutu dress...hmmm... They won't even be able to recognize this tacky beautiful garment!

Exhibit A

Beautiful detail, really.

Yep, tag n' all!

Maybe a little of this and that! We'll just have to wait and see...

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