Friday, February 17, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

Photos by Jay Drinker, Drinker Images

This weekend DJ and I will celebrate our one year anniversary.We will be going to the country club where we had our cozy winter wedding last year for a romantic dinner/night out. Bliss. I can't wait.

Wow. How time flies. I can still feel the anxious excitement I had last year at this time. The anticipation for such a special event that could not have played out any better. Our wedding was more than I could ever dream of. I am so thankful for the amazing memories of that day and look forward to all that is to come...

My love: This year has brought so many new changes and experiences that I wouldn't change or alter...not even for a second. I have loved being a wife, your partner in crime and your friend. I love our conversations and the way you make me laugh...even when I don't feel like it, you can always get me to crack a smile. I appreciate your patience and understanding with me in difficult times of trouble and always put things into a different light that sometimes I just can't see. I am so thankful for the way you treat those that I love like they are your fit perfectly with all of us and in return they adore you, as well. I savor each and every lazy day we have together and the busy ones, too. I can only hope that I have also made this year just as perfect for you. I love you with all of my heart...happy anniversary. xo


  1. you were SUCH a beautiful bride!!! love your dress. happy anniversary!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! What an exciting celebration :)