Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I heart vacation.

So today I went a little cray-cray (nuts) cleaning and decorating our home with smells and sights of spring! Yayy for sunshine and warm weather in New England! Fresh flowers and new candles (Yankee Candle Midsummer's Night & Pink Sands) are making me swoon over here. I just love flowers on our kitchen table and in the powder room. They just give the most perfect touch of happiness...not to mention they make a room smell amazing! 

I also took Brooklyn on a nice, long walk around our little neighborhood and for a drive around town for a quick coffee run. She loved every minute...and so did I. I have to say...I would reallly make a greattttt stay at home mom...well, a stay at home girl. Ha! I wishhhhh--a girl can dream. Hey, at least I can pretend and enjoy my vacation days at home with my best gal, all while making things beautiful for the hubs. Nothing beats it. Absolutely loved today.


  1. I need to decorate for spring. haha. I feel pier 1 screaming my name.