Monday, February 27, 2012

Red Carpet Recap

Some of the most adored dresses/women/men of the 2012 Academy Awards...

Michelle Williams...My favorite of the night! Longing for her pixie cut (if only I had the guts).

Jessica her red hair and loose wave style

Ellie Kemper...beautiful sparkle...wanting her red hair...let's talk the Mr. into it, people!

Rose & classic...great earrings

Milla Jovovich...white sparkle with red lips

Gwyneth Paltrow... chic, chic, chic, holy chic.

Cameron sleek and the ruffles!

Giuliana the cap sleeve with hair pulled back...elegant!

George Clooney...what a hunk. My guy of the night!

Ryan Seacrest...always adorable.

P.Diddy...always looks so put together and tidy, yes tidy.

Sorry hunnies, to me, you missed the mark...

Sacha Baron Cohen...what a meanie!

Penelope sexy & gorgeous but this dress is too old for does fit her very well though!

Emma Stone...I love her, she's amazing and so talented but I just didn't love this choice for her at all!  Kind of boring for such a fun girl.

Rooney Mara...I love that she switched it up and wore white and quite honestly, the dress looks perfect on her. I just find the whole bust line to be a little funky.

Some of the major trends hitting the red carpet were bangs, red lips, white/neutral dresses, sparkle and side swept hair.  As you can see above, my personal favorites include lots of sparkle and neutral tones. I can't wait to try some of these trends over here...oh wait, what? I'm not made of a million dollars and have nowhere this fancy to go? What? Me? Please. ;)


  1. you hit it right on! Giuliana was by far my favorite of the night! that woman never could look bad!!!!

  2. Giuliana was my favorite too! That dress is perfection, the cut, the color, the everything. Happy Monday!

  3. Great picks, but I must say I actually really loved Penelope's look! Giuliana's dress was soo stunning.. I think my favorite of the night might've been Sandra Bullock though! xo

  4. I loved Giuliana's dress too. I'm a bit of a sucker for some sparkle.
    You could totally wear that to school, right?! :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  5. Sparkles for school...perfect! ;)

  6. Loving your blog! I have to say, I really did love Emma's dress - the color and the bow were so fantastic! But to each their own : ) It was definitely a great fashion night - I think I was a little disappointed last year! This year, people were really classy.


  7. great round up!

  8. Char's Mr, vote for the auburn hair! It's so beautiful!!

  9. I wasn't crazy about Stacey's dress, but I liked her hair and makeup alot

  10. Rose and Mila were my favesss! Great blog, check mine out and let me know if you would like to be followers.


  11. Michelle Williams looks so effortlessly beautiful. Which is hard to pull off. haha want to follow each other?