Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Seeing Double

I think I have a problem over here, friends. I always knew my shopping love addiction was a little bit out of control, but this morning as I was rummaging through my closet, my every doubt was most definitely reconfirmed... I have a doubling issue, a twin complex if you wish, a case of multiple madness. Catch my drift?

When I shop, I buy everything in two's. I simply can not buy just one thing. Even if I go into a store for one of something, I simply HAVE to purchase two. Also, if I really fall in love with an item, I must buy it in two colors. Not ever three or four but two! Complex? I think yes.

I noticed this little tid-bit of information this morning as I was trying on my outfit choices for the day. I picked up a shirt and realized that I had worn the same shirt in a different color a couple days prior. Different shirt, same style...what to do (big issue, huh)? I put it back on the hanger floor and continued on to the next.

I find that when I purchase a twin of something, I limit myself and my choices. I work at a school with all women, people. We pay attention to these things! I would hate to be a repeating offender! Picking out my attire is one part of my crazy day (hanging with 6/7 year olds) that I can actually control and I'm not about to give that up or limit its overall pleasure.

Some may think that this is a superficial and insignificant topic to write about, but hey, I needed a silly, little pick me up after the week I've had annnnnd besides, it's fun and so very true! I would love to hear opinions...what do we think about I a this normal...thoughts? xo

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  1. I think it's normal especially when it's dress pants or jeans that really fit you well. And buying the same bra in different colors is a MUST!